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即便看得时候作者平昔在想这一个的教育意义是什么?人兽恋?love is not about appearance beauty and beast fell in love because they have the same soul

      Just before the last petal of the enchanted rose fell, just before the beast died, Belle said the magic words. Poof! Suddenly the dying beast was transforming into a young and handsome prince, while the dark and doomed castle was shining and glowing. It's miracle. It's magic. It's the power of love. It's the wish coming true.

Shrek is an adaptation and subversion of classic fairy tales. In the original story, the beast turned into a handsome prince with the true love of the beauty. But in the movie, it reverses: the beautiful princess turned into an ugly beast after expressing her love toward Shrek. In addition, the dragon has a feminine character instead of a furious and destructive masculine figure. In fairy tales, the princess are always beautiful and will always find her Mr. Right, who’s bound to be handsome and charming. But in this way the character of the protagonists becomes fuzzy and far from the reality. On the contrary, this movie contains more human stuff. Magic or supernatural here aren’t that important, what matters is Shrek and Fiona themselves. Shrek wasn’t meant to save the princess; the princess wasn’t meant to fall in love with him either-but their own decisions brought them together. In the end, Shrek and Fiona, the two ugly ogres, lived happily-They are like all of us. This is not just make-believe. I bet most adults would appreciate this movie because they can see themselves-the imperfect yet unique ones-, which may account for the enormous success of the Shrek series.


      It's like one drop into the once-and-for-all tranquille lake. Belle's arrival has been quite something new. All servants including the master himself all believe that she could be the girl to break their spell. However things didn't go well as planned. The beast was not only scary outside but also mean to Belle. Belle was so scared and desperate that she not only lost her father and her dream suddenly but also had to spend the rest of her life there with a monster. But the servants are very hospitable and sincere. They came to help the sympethetic girl and treat her as their honored guest with warm tea, nice outfits, delicious dinner, magnificent music, et cetra. It's a magical castle with enchanted characters, figured out by Belle. She was exciting but intimidating still. She walked into the west wing knowing it's forbidden and wondering what the beast had been hiding. Of course the beast found out. He flew into rage and cast her away. Belle was so frightened that she fleed out the castle with no return. But she was attacked by a bunch of cruel wolves on the running. Just then, the beast appeared and saved her life like a hero although himself was badly injured.

Does that sound promising or annoyingly discouraging?

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感觉野兽好帅……尽管最后丹丹龙的美颜已经深深自个儿心❤可是beast的样子以为很苏……最后dance的时候beast roar了一声,omg笔者早已死了(

      Her papa, the inventor, genius in her opinion, crazy in the others', went to some invention fair one day. But he was lost in the woods and hunted by the wolves. He ran into the castle accidentally for help because he was ice cold and sick frightenedd. No idea of being in an enchanted castle, he was greeted by Lumiere the magic candle, Cogsworth the magic clock, Mrs Pottsthe and his son the magic tea pot and cup...Just then, the master showed up and was furious to find some stranger in his castle. He imprisoned the old man in the dungeon for his breaking and entering. Seeing her papa's horse return alone, Belle believed something terrible must have happened. She followed papa's route into the woods and discovered the castle. Belle found her papa captured by a horrible monster, with ugly snout and sharp fangs. She begged him to let go of her father and promised to do anything in return. At last they made the deal that she would take her papa's place to be the prisoner.


☺anyway like the beast anyway, maybe because dianel played ?lol

      We must face the age of not believing, doubting everything we ever knew, until at last we start believing there is something wonderful in ourselves.


最欣喜的正是等各类东西变回人形之后开掘原本是其一歌星啊!欢快发现伊恩外祖父和Emmathompson gay小哥可爱得特别 迪士尼阿爹总是配乐直入人心 餐桌这段好美啊!以为在Disneyland看烟花,在IMAX看功效好到惊呆片头Disneylogo一出来就再一次坚定了去Disneystudio的决定

      Certain as the sun, rising in the east...Tale as old as time, song as old as ryhme...Beauty and the Beast...

For harder goals, you’d better find an approach to the daily grind that you can fall in love with.


      There maybe somthing there that wasn't there before. Perhaps they just never ever thought that this could be happening. He was coarse and unrefined but now so sweet and deer. He sparked her interests by offering a mountain-like library full of books. He invited her to the dinners and behaved like a gentleman. They went skating hand in hand, they enjoyed dancing arm by arm. A bit alarming still, but Belle doesn't see him as anything but a beast anymore. With a few days more, there maybe something there that wasn't there before.


      When we have rushed around in hopeless circles, searching everywhere for something true, we are at the age of not believing, when all the make-believe is true.


      We are castaway where no one hears us on a barren isle in a lonely sea. Where did all the happy endings go? Where can all the good times be?

If you learn to love difficulty, you reduce resistance to goals that you associate with hard work. This puts more options within your reach. Labeling a goal as “too difficult” as if the difficulty is something undesirable is the same as saying, “I’m not ready to receive this desire.”

      It's not some cinderella romance, where the prince loves the poor but pretty girl at first sight and a fairy godmother saves her from misery...It's also not some Romeo & Juliet tragedy, where two young hearts fall for each but tored apart because of their family hatred...It's not snow white. It's not sleepling beauty. It's not little mermaid. Above all, it's the prince to be rescued...

The work may be hard, but can you love it anyway? Can you love it not in spite of the difficulty but because of the difficulty? Can you look at something really tough and say, “I love that you’re so challenging because just attempting you will make me stronger”?

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